Public Planetarium Programs Resume September 30th, 2017

The Fujitsu Planetarium on the campus of De Anza College in Cupertino begins the the season of Saturday night public programs on September 30th. A combination of astronomy, laser light shows, and special events are featured in the Fall schedule. Check out the show schedule on the Fujitsu Planetarium Website. The astronomy shows consist of a full sky dome presentation on specific astronomical topics, and are followed by a "current sky" interactive constellation show.

The Fujitsu planetarium, originally known as the Minolta Planetarium when it opened in 1970, was completely re-equipped in 2007 with a state-of-the-art Konica-Minolta Infinium-S star projector, and a Sky-Skan Definiti Theater digital projection system. The "star ball" projects over 12,000 individual stars using fiber optics combined with metal-halide lamp technology and produces a remarkably realistic sky. The digital system provides playback of commercially available sky shows on a variety of topics, as well as a real-time sky simulator providing accurate views of not only the sky as seen from the Earth, but from any place in the known universe. There are generally no age restrictions for the performances, though children will need to be able to sit through the 50-60 minute programs. Note that the 4PM and 5PM programs tend to cater to school age children; the 6:30PM program is the "general audience" program. The planetarium is located on the campus of De Anza College in Cupertino, and parking is $3. Astronomy and laser show tickets are $7/seat, special programs more. You can purchase tickets in advance at the planetarium's website here.